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Welcome to Villa Birgi and Friends

On this website you’ll find the best accommodation in Birgi Vecchi / Stagnone for proximity to the kite-spot, professionalism, friendliness and quality / price ratio.
Book by us and you will get preferential rates on:
– Access to Kite Lido Birgi: The best organized kitespot in Birgi Vecchi.
– Kitesurfing courses and lessons at the Kitesurfer Academy in english language.
– Rental of kitesurf equipment.
– Discounts in the best restaurants in the area.
Enter the data in the window above, and you will automatically receive all the accommodation / price solutions we can offer.
This kite spot is one of the three best kitepsots in the world to learn and improve kitesurf technique. In the rare days of Wind stop, the area offers so much history, art, tradition, fun, spectacular landscapes, beaches with crystal clear water, unforgettable sunsets and a great kitchen …. You will not get bored!

Birgi Vecchi has a central location to all places worth to be visited, 4 km from the airport Trapani-Birgi, immersed in one of the most beautiful natural areas, surrounded by vineyards and sea.

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For info and reservations please Call: +39.389.206.27.09 (Matt)

Attention !!! To the final price you have to add 20 Euros per person per week for final cleaning, bed linen and towels set.